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Everything began in Slovakia more than 25 years ago, when Kellys founders, two young brothers - Peter and Brano Divinec, were spending countless hours riding their bicycles across the beautiful Slovak mountains. Crossing the endless wild trails, they experienced THE TASTE OF A REAL FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE. The taste which is desired by every human being, every living creature since its birth. They already knew that a bicycle gave them this opportunity.
Kellys founders understood that a bicycle is a significant element in their lives and without it they couldn’t feel complete. They wanted to share their experience with other people, to make them feel the same. They wished to give others what they know best – a bicycle.
Designing and production of a bike is not just joining mechanical elements together. It's something more. What matters is the purpose for which a bicycle is created, because it  has a unique mission to fulfil in every human’s life.... [more]
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